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Practical advice for automating a supply chain tech stack

Published By: HERE Technologies
HERE Technologies
Published:  Mar 22, 2019
Length:  9 pages

Supply chain managers are increasingly leveraging location intelligence and location data to raise visibility throughout their whole logistics process and to optimize their delivery routes. Leveraging this data requires an ever-more-robust technology stack. Marketplace pressure and consumer demands for one-day shipping and tracking capabilities make implementing the right technology even more critical.

As supply chain technology stacks become more complex, diverse and defined by legacy system integrations, Application Program Interfaces (APIs) are becoming essential to making stacks scale, allowing supply chain managers to better meet the demands of the new generation of consumers. Innovative location APIs that provide supply chain stacks and applications with greater agility, contextual intelligence, real-time data implementation, speed and scale are turning the process of moving goods from A to B into a well-orchestrated exercise in precision.

Introducing new technology into an organization can sometimes be daunting. As one of the world’s leading location platforms, HERE shares insights and tips to streamline the supply chain technology integration across the whole organization.

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