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Published By: Oracle     Published Date: Mar 10, 2014
An infographic examining the importance of the relationship between C-suite and HR.
Tags : 
talent management, hr relationships, c-suite, cfo. ceo
Published By: IBM     Published Date: Mar 20, 2014
Application downtime is just one of many costs associated with a fragmented application performance management (APM) strategy. Learn the 5 steps to simplify Application Performance Management through this infographic.
Tags : 
ibm, apm, application services, data center, application downtime, business implications, visibility, infrastructure, application availability, it management, application performance, application performance management, process automation, apm strategy, deployment, agility, 5 steps for apm, monitoring
Published By: HP Enterprise Services     Published Date: Mar 24, 2014
An infographic showing how HP provides continuity for and from the cloud to keep your business running and your data safe whatever the scenario.
Tags : 
disaster recovery, business continuity, recovery services, resiliency services, recovery-as-a-service, cloud continuity, security, data center
HP Enterprise Services
Published By: Polycom     Published Date: Aug 16, 2017
"To construct a solid building, you must first lay a solid foundation. Without a strong foundation, the rest of the building will tumble. You should employ the same strategy when developing your business communications system. The first step to building a robust, reliable, cist-effective communication system is laying the groundwork but choosing the equipment, service and features that best support your business needs. Get the infographic now to explore your options when choosing a VoIP business communications system."
Tags : 
polycom, voip, business communications, infrastructure
Published By: Riverbed     Published Date: Jun 02, 2015
With Riverbed® SteelHead optimization, you can accelerate delivery of apps to users near and far. See how by downloading this infographic!
Tags : 
the cloud, saas application, application integration, adoption, productivity, software modifications, cloud computing
Published By: Cisco     Published Date: Aug 24, 2015
Download this infographic to learn how data center security challenges are more than a technology issue - they're a human problem.
Tags : 
data center security, human error, security controls, data center segmentation, data security solution, networking, security
Published By: VMware AirWatch     Published Date: Sep 16, 2015
This infographic shows how AirWatch help enterprises meet new challenges as they cater to an increasingly mobile workforce by offering new solutions – such as content collaboration and consistency with any app on any device - and address the increased demand for mobile-cloud architecture.
Tags : 
mobile empowerment, airwatch, mobile, cloud, networking
VMware AirWatch
Published By: Lenovo and Intel     Published Date: Nov 03, 2017
Internet of Things. Cloud. Augmented reality. Virtual reality. Technologies like these are changing the face of all industries, across manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, education, agriculture, logistics, and more. These transformative technologies define new paradigms of business productivity, customer centricity, and quality & compliance management. This infographic features the opportunities these technologies can o er as they begin incorporating them into their business models. Download the infographic now.
Tags : 
Lenovo and Intel
Published By: DocuSign     Published Date: Aug 09, 2016
This white paper consists of an infographic displaying the differences between paper and DocuSign.
Tags : 
docusign, digital, digital transaction management, papeless, paper cost
Published By: Forcepoint     Published Date: May 06, 2016
Download this infographic to learn 5 steps to get your insider threat program funded and protect your organization's sensitive data.
Tags : 
Published By: Hewlett Packard Enterprise     Published Date: Feb 21, 2018
Check out how the HP Jet Fusion 3D printing solution unlocks the full potential of 3D printing from start to finish.
Tags : 
3d printing, product design, product engineering, manufacturing design
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Published By: IBM     Published Date: Jan 14, 2015
Explore this interactive infographic to discover how IBM makes it possible to manage all of these priorities while significantly reducing storage and maintenance costs.
Tags : 
big data, data management, data exploration, gain visibility, security extension, business intelligence, explore data, data analytics, analytics, platform investment, monitoring, data center design and management, data center
Published By: IBM     Published Date: Jun 09, 2015
Making sound security decisions in today’s environment is of paramount importance. This infographic highlights the connection between economic vitality and security and how both can be achieved.
Tags : 
ibm, government, cyber, security, intelligence, information, vulnerability, fraud, threat, predictive
Published By: IBM     Published Date: Jul 07, 2015
This infographic succinctly explains the value of our Mobile Platform for key stakeholders -- developers, IT managers, app owners and users, and CISOs. It also charts our four capabilities and the modular services aligned to them.
Tags : 
ibm, developer, app, platform, it manager, ciso, integration, support, api, application security, cloud computing
Published By: Jive     Published Date: Feb 07, 2013
Download this infographic to see the results of a study by a top 3 global consulting firm on the impact of social business in the enterprise.
Tags : 
social media, enterprise, infographic, business, collaboration
Published By: Cisco     Published Date: Sep 17, 2015
View this infographic to learn how Cisco's ACI can produce benefits throughout your company, from fully automating IT and standardizing policy to reducing costs across your departments.
Tags : 
datacenter, aci, enterprise, networking, network management, network performance, network performance management, data center design and management, virtualization, cloud computing, infrastructure, design and facilities
Published By: Cisco     Published Date: Jan 05, 2016
Check out this infographic to learn more about how Tapjoy provides tools for developers to power and monetize their mobile applications.
Tags : 
Published By: Cisco     Published Date: Apr 15, 2016
There’s a Private Cloud alternative your developers will love.
Tags : 
cloud management, cloud services, cloud management, best practices, infrastructure, cloud computing
Published By: Cisco     Published Date: Apr 15, 2016
To make the most of the cloud, developers need to have the right foundations in place. If you’re working with enough freedom - and without having to worry about things like cost and data security – then you can concentrate on creating services and innovations that move your organisation forward.
Tags : 
cloud management, cloud services, cloud management, best practices
Published By: VMware     Published Date: Dec 15, 2016
Read this infographic to learn how EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) empowers mobile users in becoming more productive.
Tags : 
Published By: Cornerstone OnDemand     Published Date: Aug 08, 2018
Tags : 
Cornerstone OnDemand
Published By: SAS     Published Date: Apr 25, 2017
Download this insightful SAS Infographic to discover what makes for a positive and powerful customer experience (CX).
Tags : 
Published By: Symantec     Published Date: May 02, 2014
Going without a solid backup and recovery plan for your virtualized data is an unacceptable business risk. Check out this easy-to absorb infographic to learn the five things to look for in a virtual machine backup solution.
Tags : 
symantec, virtual machine backup, backup safety, backup and recovery, server management, power and cooling, data protection, loss data, virtual environment, security management
Published By: Citrix     Published Date: May 09, 2014
A wide range of business issues is driving IT toward desktop virtualization. One solution—Citrix XenDesktop with FlexCast technology—helps IT teams empower their entire workforces, one project at a time
Tags : 
citrix, virtualization, desktop virtualization, mobile workers, laptops, xendesktop, mobile, remote access
Published By: Logicalis     Published Date: Aug 29, 2014
Learn how healthcare providers can keep pace with the changing healthcare IT landscape.
Tags : 
logicalis, healthcare, healthcare it, hit, storage, patient engagement, mobility, byod, healthcare it, disaster recovery, analytics, big data, medical imaging, vna
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